I am just being me. Follow **At times you’ll find some affiliate links scattered within my post, which means I receive a small amount of compensation if you end up purchasing something I’v... Read More
I spent the weekend in Forest Grove at the 1A/2A State Championship Volleyball Tournament watching my oldest daughter and her team compete. The girls all did great, and the team placed 5th overall whi... Read More
Harley and I went to Heppner yesterday to watch Emma’s volleyball state playoff game against Oakridge.  I (as usual) was taking pictures of the game.  Before the game started, though, I was ad... Read More
I  actually really do love snow.  I love how quiet and peaceful it makes the world look, and how pretty it makes parts 0f our world that might not be so otherwise.  Last night it snowed.  I think ... Read More
I took this picture this summer when the girls and I were on a hike up near Anthony Lakes.  I love that you can see the individual lines on the butterfly’s antanae. Follow **At times you’... Read More
an·tic·i·pa·tion noun (ˌ)an-ˌti-sə-ˈpā-shən Definition of ANTICIPATION 1   a : a prior action that takes into account or forestalls a later action      b : the act of looking forw... Read More
Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God’s handwriting – a wayside sacrament.  Welcome it in every fair face, in every fair sky, in every fair flo... Read More
1. Full name – Amy Jeanette Betts 2. Nickname – Velvet, Aim, Aimers, Bestie 3. Zodiac sign – Aquarius 4. Hobbies – Hunting, Camping, Photography 5. Hair – Brown 6. Eyes &... Read More
My friend, Crindalyn, and I are very much alike. I was teasing her the other day about something and realized it was something I do all the time, too.  Because of that, I’ve started referring t... Read More
I’m going “off the grid” for a bit. I’ll be checking in when I get back, and I will have lots of thoughts to put to paper, so to speak. Follow **At times you’ll find some... Read More
The last time I remember doing any sort of cut-and-paste project for school was when I was in kindergarten. Until now. I am in college now. At least the cut-and-paste projects in college include WINE!... Read More