Our kitties. Tess is the short hair.  She is mellow, she loves to follow us around the yard, and she LOVES to be petted!  Mostly, Tess just likes to hang out and relax. Tess Sassy is the longhair. ... Read More
I was wandering through a store yesterday, and I ran across these ornaments.  Until then I had never thought about our doggies being represented on our tree.  The ornaments are ugly-cute, just like ... Read More
Follow **At times you’ll find some affiliate links scattered within my post, which means I receive a small amount of compensation if you end up purchasing something I’ve recommended.... Read More
We have two new additions to our family.  We have so many girls already, you’d think adding two more would be nuts.  Reagan’s friend, Emma, has four kittens, and we brought home two of t... Read More
The girls and I have spent the last couple of weeks getting their 4-H projects ready for the fair. One of the easy projects they all decided to do was fleece tie blankets.  They each chose a pattern... Read More
I often wonder if maybe Tod’s family genetic tree doesn’t have very many branches . . . Recently when I drove to Heppner to pick Emma up for the weekend, I took him with me because he love... Read More
Tuesday we had five new additions to our family – three girls and two boys.  Tod and Susie had their puppies.   Unfortunately, Monday, my parents had to put their sweet, beautiful Luna-girl to... Read More
My own version. Aaron is notorious for NEVER deleting pictures off his memory card, even after it’s been downloaded.  So, today, while I was dowloading the pictures from Katelyn’s assembl... Read More