I took this picture this summer when the girls and I were on a hike up near Anthony Lakes.  I love that you can see the individual lines on the butterfly’s antanae. Follow... Read More
For many reasons: Returning to school full-time. Girls’ activities (5 activities at the same time and only one me) Living two-plus hours away from Emma. Balancing my homework with girls homework... Read More
I picked this berry out of our blackberry patch. All of the berries are H.U.G.E. like this one, and it doesn’t take very many to fill a bowl. They are so sweet and yummy, I probably eat as many ... Read More
Last Fall, Harley attended the Girls in Science Camp held at EOU, and she had a complete blast!  She can’t wait to go back again this year.  I was working online at the EOU homepage, and their... Read More
I saw this on my friend Jeff’s Facebook page, and I had to post it to show my Grammar Cop parents . . . I guess I should add that if you ask my daughters, I qualify as a Grammar Cop, too! Follow... Read More
The past eight months have been a real struggle for me.  My self-esteem, pride, and emotions have taken a ride on what seems to be the craziest roller-coaster I’ve ever experienced.  Every t... Read More
Last week I moved. It was a day that relieved a lot of stress and worry for me and many people around me. Even with that positive result, though, it was very bittersweet and difficult. I hate leaving ... Read More
My mom and dad are pretty laid back.  They like to relax, they’re not the hoity-toity type, and they love to be outside – working in the yard, golfing, camping, fishing, boating, whatever... Read More
Konrad and Reagan. Konrad is 353 days older than Reagan.  A fact he is very quick to point out when they disagree.  For the 12 days that they are the same age, however, Reagan is very quick to remin... Read More