The Season’s Faire

The La Grande Arts Commission hosts two major events each year.  In the Spring they hold Arts for All, a hands-on event for area children.  In the Fall an annual art show and auction, The Season&#82... Read More

This & That

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The most recent picture of all four of our girlies together.  It was the weekend of Erika’s graduation from EOU.  A spur of the moment picture, but I love it! My parent’s pond is gorgeou... Read More

Struttin’ His Stuff

Just North of our house is a house that has a TON of peacocks (seriously, a ton).  The other day I was getting ready to go some where, and I ran into this handsome gentleman who was struttin’ h... Read More

Taking a Drive

After Katelyn & I got home from Cove during Spring Break, we just kind of hung around the house for a couple of days.  Thursday we watched our neice and nephew, Mya & Cade, and they stayed th... Read More


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To answer the very first question I think has probably popped into everyone’s mind – yes, that IS a mouse.  A baby mouse, to be exact.  A baby mouse being held in Aaron’s hand.  A... Read More

Foreboding Skies

I found another treasure on Aaron’s camera.  At some point last Spring, he was applicating chemicals to a potato field when a storm broiled up out of nowhere.  He took pictures of the developi... Read More

Road Trip

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Sunday we decided to take our camp trailer to the mountains so its up there and ready for archery season.  Aaron and I loaded up the three girlies, and we headed off for a drive and a picnic.  Once ... Read More