Christmas morning at our house always includes three things:  1. Orange Rolls and Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast, 2. Reagan playing Santa Claus, and 3. Lots of laughing.  This year wasn’t any di... Read More
Harley has been waiting and waiting and waiting and really wanting to grow to be taller than Nana – which seems to be the goal of all the grandkids. Harley had a doctor appointment today, and sh... Read More
The girls and I had our pictures taken by Nelli from Sudbrock Portraits in La Grande.  My intention with the pictures was to give them as Valentine’s gifts to our family, but I did’t get ... Read More
This week, Reagan has been working on a project for school.  She has been researching the Tygh Indians, who lived on the mostly on the Columbia River between the Umatilla and Deschutes Rivers.  She ... Read More
My dad, though a great do-it-yourself type of guy, is horribly accident prone. One tradition that was born of all my dad’s do-it-yourself projects is one that most of us probably wish wasn’... Read More
Follow **At times you’ll find some affiliate links scattered within my post, which means I receive a small amount of compensation if you end up purchasing something I’ve recommended.... Read More
There is a website called Dear Photograph that I absolutely love!  Each day they display a new “old” picture combination with it’s little story.  I have been wanting to submit one... Read More