Toni and I had a quick session this morning in the snow at Catherine Creek State Park.  It was the first time we met, even though our mothers work together.  She is sweet, funny, and beautiful insid... Read More
that even though I managed just fine, crutches and a college campus do not get along well.  I didn’t have any accidents, I’m just completely worn out from walking all over with them. Foll... Read More
Konrad & Lillian This picture is *almost* six years old.  It is my nephew Konrad meeting his brand-new baby sister, Lillian.  It isn’t the most technically perfect image I’ve ever ta... Read More
Beautiful Blue-eyed Baby Boy! He is just the most precious thing ever, full of grins and giggles. A preview of baby “K”. Follow **At times you’ll find some affiliate links scattered ... Read More
For those of you in the LaGrande area, I thought I’d let you know that I have some artwork (prints) going up in Nightingale Gallery on the Eastern Oregon University Campus. The show’s open... Read More