Three years ago,on her seventh birthday, Reagan had surgery to have her adenoids out and tubes put in her ears.  At that time, her doctor said the ear tubes would naturally fall out at about one-year... Read More
After Harley’s dance class last weekend, I wrote a post about the “foot underwear” I had to order for her.  I was astonished that a piece of dance foot-wear was called foot-undiez. ... Read More
I am taking a design class this term.  Our most recent assignment was to create a graphic/logo.  The project was called “Name Branding”.  It is a three part project – create a log... Read More
My dad, though a great do-it-yourself type of guy, is horribly accident prone. One tradition that was born of all my dad’s do-it-yourself projects is one that most of us probably wish wasn’... Read More
Today.  It is a day that I would be perfectly happy just deleting from my memory.  It was a day that had a rough start, and with the exception of a small bright spot during ceramics class, just kept... Read More