This girl of mine is so trashy, it’s ridiculous! Harley the Trashy Girl Harley wore a really cute outfit to school Thursday, but she had forgotten that they were doing an egg toss activity that ... Read More
My dad sent this story to me in an e-mail today, and I thought it was perfect for a Friday Funny: Around age 10 my dad got me one of those little badass compound bow beginner kits. Of course, the firs... Read More
Post-A-Day 2011:  What are your favorite slang words?  Which ones are overused? I’m not going to necessarily talk about my favorite slang words, though I might touch on one or two, rather, I t... Read More
I am doing laundry today.  While I was getting all the dirty laundry gathered up and sorted, I checked each of the girls’ rooms to make sure I had it all, which is what I do every time I do lau... Read More
The second time we went to the mountains to get firewood was so much easier for a couple reasons.  We found a spot where all the wood we needed was within 100 yards of each other and the pick up, we ... Read More
  Someone sent me a picture of me playing Donkey Baksetball.  You can’t tell very well in this picture, but I was pulling as hard as I could on the reins trying to get my donkey to move.  Fun... Read More
Aaron had surgery on his eyes Thursday.  He’s been wanting to have LASIK surgery for many many years, and we were finally able to have it done.  Unfortunately, Aaron didn’t have enough c... Read More
To answer the very first question I think has probably popped into everyone’s mind – yes, that IS a mouse.  A baby mouse, to be exact.  A baby mouse being held in Aaron’s hand.  A... Read More
When I was a Freshman in high school and my sister, Erika, was in the Seventh grade, we had an exchange student from Turkey live with us.  Her name was/is Zeynep.  That year was one of the most memo... Read More