I didn’t realize when we started building this house that we were going to have several HUGE, HEAVY beams to lift into place.  We have three very long ones (24+ feet), and four shorter ones (le... Read More
Last week (nearly two weeks ago now), we poured footings, stem walls, and had the temporary power hooked up.  Last weekend and throughout the week we worked our butts off putting on the sill plate,... Read More
The girls and I all got haircuts yesterday (well, Emma didn’t – she entertained Lexi for us), so we hung out at Jason & Yvette’s house for a while. Some of us had drastic changes... Read More
That’s how long Crindalyn and I have known each other; it seems like forever! You know how everyone has those one or two friends that are their “go to” person? On Gray’s Anatom... Read More
I have a couple friends (they’re sisters, actually) and they were so wonderful to have had babies within the past year, just for me to photograph! Ha Ha Ha, yeah right! Anyway, whenever we do ge... Read More