You read that right, I meant to say “sconed”, not “scorned”. One of the worst things best aspects about me being home so much right now, is the amount of time I spend researchi... Read More
Not quite. I am usually not a beer drinker – I don’t drink often at all, actually; however, when I do choose to have a drink or two, it is usually something sweeter, more girlie and frou-f... Read More
Before the Blue Mountain Conference District Basketball Tournament last week I made star shaped cookies for both the Heppner teams.  I figured that it was something simple but fun that I could do for... Read More
Reagan and Bailey had a project for school this week where they had to write a paper explaining how to make or do something.  They wanted to write about baking a cake, so on Wednesday after school, t... Read More
This week Sunday night at our house was pretty quiet.  Just the dogs and me.  I had some hamburger I needed to use, so I made Hamburger Soup.  This is kind of my own creation, but it originally sta... Read More