This weekend was the opening weekend of archery season, and throughout the weekend as I was taking pictures and watching our girlies, I just *knew* I’d be posting tonight about all our adventure... Read More
Morrow County Fair was two weeks ago, and I am just now getting around to posting about it.  I kind of feel guilty about it, but I am trying really hard not to.  When I think of exactly how busy the... Read More
When Emma got her braces off, I posted that she would eventually have veneers put on her top teeth that were just a little too small.  She finally got to have that done last week, so now her beautifu... Read More
Wow!, we’ve had a crazy couple of weeks!  I’ve gone back to work for a new school year.  Emma worked really hard to get her lamb ready for fair, and then she went to fair.  Harley and R... Read More
So the reason I was in Heppner at all today was because Emma was being given an award.  We knew it had something to do with Math, but we didn’t know anything specific.  She has really struggle... Read More
Well, not really mutton, but lamb anyway.  Today, Emma had an awards assembly at school, and after it was over she and I came back to Irrigon so she could pick out her lambs for the summer.  She has... Read More
The girls and I all got haircuts yesterday (well, Emma didn’t – she entertained Lexi for us), so we hung out at Jason & Yvette’s house for a while. Some of us had drastic changes... Read More
Most Fridays I have to work, but usually its only for a couple of hours since there aren’t any students or teachers there. Today we had conferences, so it was an all-day thing for me. Unfortunat... Read More
Our Spring Break was so laid back, relaxed, and UNPLANNED. The entire week, we only had two things planned – Harley & Katelyn had their Range Day test for Hunter’s Safety, and we went ... Read More
Emma’s softball season is underway. She was having a hard time at first being excited about playing after the first few weeks at practice, but this week, she has had a complete turnaround. Monda... Read More
Today, the girls and I went to my parent’s house in Cove to hang out with Nana for the afternoon. Nana helped each of the girls plant a pot with a flower that now sits on her front porch steps. ... Read More