He’s been officiating some sport or another for as long as I can remember, and he’s just as good at is as he’s ever been!  Harley and Katelyn went to the Girls in Science camp at E... Read More
My mom and dad are replacing the casings on their exterior windows.  Before the new casings can be installed, the old ones have to be removed and the windows cleaned up.  My mom said she looked outs... Read More
Follow **At times you’ll find some affiliate links scattered within my post, which means I receive a small amount of compensation if you end up purchasing something I’ve recommended.... Read More
Tuesday we had five new additions to our family – three girls and two boys.  Tod and Susie had their puppies.   Unfortunately, Monday, my parents had to put their sweet, beautiful Luna-girl to... Read More
The most recent picture of all four of our girlies together.  It was the weekend of Erika’s graduation from EOU.  A spur of the moment picture, but I love it! My parent’s pond is gorgeou... Read More
I posted a major update on our Dream Home Blog tonight.  The construction process is slowing down – it’s nearly at a stand-still.  Not because of any problems or hold-ups, but because w... Read More