Aaron and I are trying to attract lots of different birds, butterflies, and other wildlife to our property with the landscaping plants we put in as we work on our yard.  We have a huge covey of quail... Read More
I feel like I’m playing catch-up, which, I guess, I am.  The past few months have been crazy busy with track, softball, school, and all sorts of other activities. In the middle of May, Harley, ... Read More
I often wonder if maybe Tod’s family genetic tree doesn’t have very many branches . . . Recently when I drove to Heppner to pick Emma up for the weekend, I took him with me because he love... Read More
Last week was Morrow County Fair, and all four of our girlies were showing livestock. Emma was showing pigs for the first time.  Her pigs, Chester and Booty, looked great, and she did a fantastic job... Read More
It seems to be the theme for many families these days – crazy, busy weeks packed with activities and Spring is flying by.  Our family is no different, though it is nice that Emma and I are done... Read More
Harley and Katelyn have wanted to show lambs in 4-H as long as Emma has been showing them, but we have always told them no.  We haven’t wanted to be “tied-down” to taking care of an... Read More
Remember earlier this summer when I posted about the Flora & Fauna at our property?  I talked about the bank swallows that had made a phenomenal number of nests in the bank we would eventually ha... Read More
We’ve all been working  very hard on our new house, even the girls and dogs.  The dogs, Tod and Luna, are GREAT worker dogs.  They come down from the trailers every day and hang out in the sh... Read More
We have a lot of wildlife at our property.  There are quail and their babies everywhere, coyotes, finches, snakes, you name it. In order to build, we had to cut away tons (literally) of dirt in the p... Read More