After Katelyn & I got home from Cove during Spring Break, we just kind of hung around the house for a couple of days.  Thursday we watched our neice and nephew, Mya & Cade, and they stayed th... Read More
To answer the very first question I think has probably popped into everyone’s mind – yes, that IS a mouse.  A baby mouse, to be exact.  A baby mouse being held in Aaron’s hand.  A... Read More
I had a photoshoot in La Grande this morning, and when I was done, I was closer to Union than I was to Cove.  I decided to go back to Mom & Dad’s in Cove through Union so I could stop in at... Read More
The girls’ trip to Vegas was a ton of fun, and I really enjoyed myself.  Four days is just about my limit to be gone from home, though – I got pretty homesick missing my girlies and The P... Read More
It seems like we have been running, running, running like crazy for months now.  We were either working on the house, going to activities with the little girlies, or following Emma’s basketball... Read More
of a scrapbooking paraphernlia addict/hoarder . . .     Is there a 12-step-program for scrapbooking hoarding?  Maybe some sort of SH Anonymous meeting I can attend somewhere?  How about a pill?... Read More
When I was a Freshman in high school and my sister, Erika, was in the Seventh grade, we had an exchange student from Turkey live with us.  Her name was/is Zeynep.  That year was one of the most memo... Read More
Tonight I wanted to make some mini-cupcakes to take to work tomorrow for Valentine’s Day, and I decided I would try The Pioneer Woman’s Sticky Chocolate Icing recipe to go on top of them.... Read More