These are Jackie’s Senior Portraits, but she’s only a Junior. Jackie is getting braces and wanted pictures before the braces just in case they weren’t off in time for her actual Seni... Read More
A sneak peek from the session I had this morning. This family was AWESOME to work with! They had fun, joked, laughed, and really made my job a piece of cake! Follow **At times you’ll find some a... Read More
I have a wireless remote for my camera that I have never used. Last night, after I hiked to where I was going to set up to hunt, I played with it a little. I really like it. It works up to 5 yards awa... Read More
Lillian at 9 Months Follow **At times you’ll find some affiliate links scattered within my post, which means I receive a small amount of compensation if you end up purchasing something I’v... Read More
{Jasmine} She needed pictures for District FFA (Future Farmers of America), so we shot a couple tonight between school and volleyball practice. What a pretty smile!   Follow **At times you’ll f... Read More
One of my favorite pictures of Reagan. Blogger hasn’t been working correctly lately, so I’m just posting to test it out. Everyone have a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend! Follow **At times... Read More
These two were just too cute. Bailey would look at me and be WONDERFUL; Reagan on the other hand . . . well just look at her facial expressions and you’ll get it. Typical Photographer’s Ch... Read More
For all four of our girls! Emma starts school about an hour before the other girls, so she was ready bright and early this morning. It amazes me the difference between this year and last year. Last ye... Read More
Now, before I start any stories about how boys just never grow up, I will say, in their defense, these grown up boys were being boys to keep all our little girlies cool and having fun in the water. So... Read More
Well, archery season officially opened Saturday morning. Aaron, the girls, and I all headed to the mountains in search of elk to hunt. We had a great weekend. Neither of us saw any elk, but we had ple... Read More
Scott took Harley & Reagan shopping today for a couple school outfits. Reagan is fit to be tied because she actually gets to go to school this year, and she is SO excited, she can hardly stand it.... Read More
LoveliesA few lovelies from my parent’s house. Every time I go there, there is something different to see ~ I love it! Such a beautiful place to be. Follow **At times you’ll find some affi... Read More