I was wandering through a store yesterday, and I ran across these ornaments.  Until then I had never thought about our doggies being represented on our tree.  The ornaments are ugly-cute, just like ... Read More
Aaron and I originally were not supposed to have any of the girls this year for Thanksgiving, so we planned to just stay home, relax, and enjoy some much-needed, but rare, quiet time.  Plans changed,... Read More
We celebrated the Fourth of July twice this year.  Aaron, Harley, Reagan, and I went to a bar-b-que in Hermiston at our friends’ house, and afterward, we watched the fireworks in Hermiston.  ... Read More
Easter at our house was very quiet this year.  The girls were all at their other parents’  houses, so Aaron and I enjoyed some quiet time together.  The Easter Bunny did leave treats for the ... Read More
We have a few Christmas Traditions we observe as a family.  One of my favorites is the day we go to the mountains to get our tree.  This year was cut short  little bit as we didn’t have a lo... Read More
Harley and Katelyn have wanted to show lambs in 4-H as long as Emma has been showing them, but we have always told them no.  We haven’t wanted to be “tied-down” to taking care of an... Read More
Christmas Day was full of more family, fun, and surprises.  Reagan was so happy to find that Santa did, in fact, use the key she left for him, and he left it on the inside of the front door instead o... Read More
Christmas Eve was WONDERFUL!  Aaron and I got up early and moved our couch and a chair so that when our guests came over they didn’t have to sit in lawn chairs anymore.  Moving in has been suc... Read More
Here and there at the new house, we’ve finally been able to do a little Christmas decorating.  Not a lot, of course, because it’s had to be stuff that won’t get in the way of constr... Read More
We went to the mountains yesterday with the Timpy and Whitbeck families to get Christmas Trees.  We had a total of 14 people (6 adults and 8 kiddos) and one dog, and we had a blast!  It was so nice... Read More