Reagan loves to garden!  At our new house, she has decided to take over the gardening responsibilities.  She is going to plant tomatoes and peppers in this raised bed, and she has plans for the othe... Read More
I picked this berry out of our blackberry patch. All of the berries are H.U.G.E. like this one, and it doesn’t take very many to fill a bowl. They are so sweet and yummy, I probably eat as many ... Read More
I know what this is, do you? Check back tomorrow and I’ll give you the answer. Follow **At times you’ll find some affiliate links scattered within my post, which means I receive a small am... Read More
After working really hard all day yesterday on the girls’ rooms and getting them ready for our house to go on the market, today was my turn. My mom ran into town and got us a great breakfast fro... Read More
One of the big things we have to do to get our house ready to sell is de-clutter all the rooms and reduce the amount of stuff we have by about 50%.  Today my mom came over and helped me with Harley&#... Read More