After working really hard all day yesterday on the girls’ rooms and getting them ready for our house to go on the market, today was my turn. My mom ran into town and got us a great breakfast fro... Read More
One of the big things we have to do to get our house ready to sell is de-clutter all the rooms and reduce the amount of stuff we have by about 50%.  Today my mom came over and helped me with Harley&#... Read More
Remember THIS post, where I talked about the sad state of my office, and the plans I had for it? Today, I completed the first stage of re-doing/organizing it, and it took FOREVER! I gutted it and put ... Read More
Productive as defined by Merriam-Webster: a : yielding results, benefits, or profits This is the first weekend in months we haven’t had to travel at least one day, so I had a plan.  I HAD a pl... Read More
I knew I would not find the definition of “Hot Mess” in Webster, so I turned to my trusted friend, Urban Dictionary. Hot Mess A derogatory term describing a situation, behavior, appearance... Read More
of a scrapbooking paraphernlia addict/hoarder . . .     Is there a 12-step-program for scrapbooking hoarding?  Maybe some sort of SH Anonymous meeting I can attend somewhere?  How about a pill?... Read More