Meet My New Friend


Meet My New Fiend

I talked a little bit about the Robe a la Francaise project I am embarking on in my To Do Tuesday post earlier this week. As part of this project, I might follow some traditional sewing and construction methods.  I am using two Simplicity Patterns and the American Duchess Guide to 18th Century Dressmaking to make it.  Even if I don’t; however, I will need to be able to do fittings of the dress to make alterations, so I got to welcome Francis to my sewing room.

I wasn’t sure what to name her at first, but for some reason, Francis seems to be the name that sticks.  She arrived in pieces, but she was very easy to assemble.  I think it took me less than half an hour, but I’m not positive.

After I assembled her, I adjusted her measurements to match mine, and now I am ready to go!

Welcome to my sewing room, Francis!

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