To Do Tuesday – February 13

Welcome to To Do Tuesday – February 13



Christine at Stitch ALL The Things hosts To Do Tuesday.  TDT is a great weekly motivator to finish projects and (for me) to keep my To Do List manageable. Unfortunately, I haven’t kept myself very accountable for the past six weeks or so. I did finish all my projects, but a lot of them didn’t get photographed. The past few weeks have been wonderful, but my list is growing, and I am finding the need for accountability again.

My list from February 6:

1.  DIBY.Club Pattern Test – Additional Photos, Write, & Publish Blog Post
2.  Made for Mermaids Girls and Mama Top Pattern – Take Photos, Write, & Publish Blog Post
3.  Made for Mermaids Mama Pant Pattern – Take Photos, Write, & Publish Blog Post
4.  Finish M4M Bralette and Panty sets.

This has been a fast, crazy week, and I am glad it’s over.  Reagan left for Sacramento last Thursday for a theater competition and workshop, and she got home last night.  I am getting prepared to leave on a week-long business trip, and while I’m gone Emma and Harley both will be coming home for a visit.  Reagan’s theater group did a fantastic job, winning 1st Place Inspirational group.  I am so very proud of all fo them!


1.  DIBY.Club Pattern Test

We’re still not quite there, but I have the additional pictures taken.  I am chomping at the bit to tell everyone all about these jeans!


2.  Made for Mermaids Stella and Mama Stella

My week got a little crazy, and I never did get a blog post written about these two new patterns.  However, they are AWESOME!!!  Stella and Mama Stella from Made for Mermaids are part of the new Lounge & Lace collection.  They are meant to be dressed down as comfy, wear around the house lounge tops, but they can also be dressed up for a night on the town!  Reagan is wearing the keyhole back option (super cute!), and I am wearing the regular front and back.  In addition, there is a deep-v back option, as well as an off-the-shoulder option.



3.  Made for Mermaids Mama Pant Pattern Test

As with the Mama Stella pattern, I have completed this pattern test.  The pattern is going to be released later this week, so I will share pictures (and hopefully a blog post) about it soon!


4.  Finish M4M Bralette & Panty Sets

I finished two “tester” muslin sets, and they fit well.  That gave me the courage to cut a set out of my “good” lace; I just need to get them sewn up.


Also this week, I managed to clean up my sewing “mess” that was all over the kitchen table, organized my fabric and patterns, and destashed a bunch of stuff I no longer use.  That alone is a huge relief!


My current to-do list:

1.  DIBY.Club Pattern Test – Additional Photos, Write, & Publish Blog Post
2.  Made for Mermaids Mama Pant Pattern – Take Photos, Write, & Publish Blog Post
3.  Finish M4M Bralette and Panty sets
4.  Have a fabulous time in New Orleans (even though it’s a work trip)


Are you working on anything fun this week?



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  1. Those tops are fantastic, and I agree about the keyhole back. So cute! Congrats to Raegan and her troupe on winning first place! That is so fun!!

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