To Do Tuesday May 23

Welcome to To Do Tuesday May 23!

Christine at Stitch ALL The Things hosts To Do Tuesday.  TDT is a great weekly motivator to finish projects and (for me) to keep my To Do List manageable.

My list from May 16:

1.  Work on summer capsule wardrobe
2.  Finish Bag Test for Sewing Pattern Testers Blog & Write Sew-A-Long Post
3.  Finish Gift Sewing Project
4.  Pattern Test for the Do It Better Yourself Club

I feel like having busy weeks is just part of this time of year, especially with the closure of the school year, a graduation, and softball playoffs.  We had such a long winter that we are also kind of scrambling to get all our normal “spring” activities done gearing up for summer.  I was able to work on my to-do list and I made a lot of progress on projects.

1.  Work on Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I am making great progress on the summer capsule!  The plan was to make capri pants and shorts net, but the weather turned HOT here in Eastern Oregon.  I found that what I really needed was tank tops that were appropriate for work.  Using the Patterns for Pirates Essential Tank Pattern, I made four new tank tops (though I only have pictures of three).  I am planning on making at least a couple more.  The nice thing about everything I have made so far is that all the fabric coordinates one way or another, and the pieces will transition to fall wear easily.


2.  Finish Bag Test for Sewing Pattern Testers Blog & Write Sew-A-Long Post

I have finished my test bag, and now I am working on the sew-a-long bag.  It is taking a much longer time to finish than the first because I am photographing each step.  I have been in search for a new “purse/bag” for months (probably close to a year), but I haven’t found anything that was perfect enough to pay money for.  This bag completely fits the bill!  It is the perfect size – big enough for my wallet and calendar, but not so large that I end up carrying way too much stuff.

3.  Finish Gift Sewing Project

Since this is a gift, and the recipient has no idea I’m making it, I can’t yet describe it here.  BUT, I love it and can’t wait to finish it so I can give it away!  Between softball and graduation activities, I didn’t have a lot of time to work on this over the past week, but it is top priority now.

4.  Pattern Test for the Do It Better Yourself Club

This is my first time testing for Jessica, and I am thrilled!  She has a great sense of fashion and style, and it shows in her pattern.  This is an image from my first tester version.  The pattern has gone through several iterations since, and I love it!  I can’t wait to share the whole thing with you!

Projects that we’re working on that aren’t on my to-do list include replacing the fascia boards on our house, replacing siding in a couple places and adding new siding where we took out doors and windows, power washing and scraping, and finally painting.  We are going to have to use several weekends to get it done, but I love seeing the visible progress and results.  My sewing to-do list remains much the same as last week:

1.  Work on summer capsule wardrobe
2.  Finish Bag Test for Sewing Pattern Testers Blog & Write Sew-A-Long Post
3.  Finish Gift Sewing Project
4.  Pattern Test for the Do It Better Yourself Club


What are you working on this week?



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4 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday May 23

  1. Love those tank tops! You always choose the perfect fabrics too. I saw it was going to be hot by the time we got there, so at least the temperature transition won’t bet difficult! Haha!

    I am super excited to see the bag and the sew along post you are working on. I am always looking for more bag patterns, and always on the hunt for “the one” for myself. I’ve got a few I really like, including the one I was carrying for a couple of years, but they’re not exactly The One.

    Enjoy that weather and don’t wear yourself out too much! As everyone in this part of Arizona always tells everyone else when it gets warm… Be sure and drink lots of water! 😉

    1. Thank you! I am lucky in that a lot of the fabric I have purchased has been in “bundles”, so the coordinates are already picked for me. It kind of seems like cheating. 😀

      The bag is amazing – its the one Angie has been posting about on the Sewing Pattern Testers FB page – it really is the perfect size for me!

      It is hot, and I am drinking tons of water. Unfortunately, though, I have been a little too active, I think, and I am going to spend some time with my knee resting this weekend. Safe travels, and welcome to Oregon!

  2. Cute tops. You sure do whip up your garments quickly! I’m watching for #3 – curious as to what you are making!

    1. I don’t know if it’s quick or not – it seems slow for me. I usually cut everything out for one pattern, and then sew them assembly-line style based on thread color. I am finishing #3 tonight after my daughter’s softball game, so I’ll have pictures of it next week for sure!

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