4 thoughts on “To Do Tuesday May 23

  1. Love those tank tops! You always choose the perfect fabrics too. I saw it was going to be hot by the time we got there, so at least the temperature transition won’t bet difficult! Haha!

    I am super excited to see the bag and the sew along post you are working on. I am always looking for more bag patterns, and always on the hunt for “the one” for myself. I’ve got a few I really like, including the one I was carrying for a couple of years, but they’re not exactly The One.

    Enjoy that weather and don’t wear yourself out too much! As everyone in this part of Arizona always tells everyone else when it gets warm… Be sure and drink lots of water! 😉

    1. Thank you! I am lucky in that a lot of the fabric I have purchased has been in “bundles”, so the coordinates are already picked for me. It kind of seems like cheating. 😀

      The bag is amazing – its the one Angie has been posting about on the Sewing Pattern Testers FB page – it really is the perfect size for me!

      It is hot, and I am drinking tons of water. Unfortunately, though, I have been a little too active, I think, and I am going to spend some time with my knee resting this weekend. Safe travels, and welcome to Oregon!

  2. Cute tops. You sure do whip up your garments quickly! I’m watching for #3 – curious as to what you are making!

    1. I don’t know if it’s quick or not – it seems slow for me. I usually cut everything out for one pattern, and then sew them assembly-line style based on thread color. I am finishing #3 tonight after my daughter’s softball game, so I’ll have pictures of it next week for sure!

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