To Do Tuesday May 31 on Wednesday


With the holiday weekend and a very busy week, it seems like To Do Tuesday completely snuck up on me!

Last week’s list:

1.  Emmaline Bags The Retreat Bag
2.  Red Damask LARP Tunic
3.  Gray Circle Skirt
4.  TSNEM:  Making & Using Piping
5.  Moda Block Shuffle

I got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING completed on my list, let alone started; however, I think I have a very good reason for not being productive sewing, and it is because I was productive being a cheerleader and fan of my daughter’s high school softball team, the Union-Cove LadyCats, as they battled their way through the state playoff tournament bracket.  It feels like we have been doing nothing but softball for two weeks now, which is pretty accurate.  The state playoffs began on May 25th, and they had a total of three games in six days.  We’re not done yet, either, we have to travel to the other side of the state tomorrow to Oregon State University in Corvallis where the girls will play their league rival, Pilot Rock in the state championship game on Friday.

May 25th vs. Reedsport (W 22-0)

Harley and her friend, Delanie

V_Reedsport20160524-02 V_Reedsport20160524-03 V_Reedsport20160524-04

May 27th vs. Central Linn  (W 12-2)

 V_CentralLinn20160527-03 V_CentralLinn20160527-02 V_CentralLinn20160527-04

May 31st vs. Bonanza (W 10-0)

V_Bonanza20160531-01 V_Bonanza20160531-02
V_Bonanza20160531-07 V_Bonanza20160531-11V_Bonanza20160531-12

We are a small school (2A), but our girls are strong, hard working, and dedicated.  To show just how skill heavy and talented our league is, in the past 10 years, the state champion has been from our league eight times and six of those years, two teams from our league battled it out for the championship.  You don’t mess with Eastern Oregon girls, they’re tough!  It will be a good game, for sure.

Back to my to do list; it didn’t change at all, and I may actually re-arrange it a little over the next week, but the Red Damask LARP Tunic and Piping are definitely staying on there and they are high priority.

1.  Emmaline Bags The Retreat Bag
2.  Red Damask LARP Tunic
3.  Gray Circle Skirt
4.  TSNEM:  Making & Using Piping
5.  Moda Block Shuffle

What do you have planned this week?

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  1. There’s no better work than that of cheering our children on! Congrats on making it to the State Championships… I’ll have my fingers crossed for them tomorrow! Wishing you all safe travels across the state.

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