4 thoughts on “Baby Quilt Finish

  1. Yay for a quilt finish, and what a fantastic gift that will be! Love how the quilt turned out, and I think it will be just fine for a boy too. Dark colors, yet bright enough to bring some happy colors while he grows bigger and stronger.

  2. I’m tired of people dictating what boys can and can’t do, what they can and can’t wear, what their quilts should look like. It wasn’t all that long ago that people said girls can’t wear pants and Talking Barbie said “Math is hard!” when you pushed a button on her back! Empowering girls and women doesn’t work if we continue to restrict the possibilities of what boys and men can do; gender stereotypes are a two-sided coin. I’m looking at your baby quilt, which has pinkish-red squares and a blue floral fabric, that your daughters think is “too girly” for a boy. But a few minutes ago I was on Facebook looking at a picture of a “soccer medal” that a friend’s daughter just received for her team coming in first place in their division. This “soccer medal” was a big, bright pink FLOWER keychain that was embroidered with the information that would have been etched into a real sports medal if it had been a boys’ team, and the mom, the soccer-playing daughter, and hundreds of other moms and daughters commenting were outraged, feeling that the “girly” pink flower medal disrespected and diminished the accomplishment of these young athletes. I think your quilt would be great for a baby of either gender, personally. I don’t see pink or flowers when I look at the quilt; I just see a great, graphic design with bold and soothing colors, a gift of love that the baby and his parents are sure to love and enjoy.

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