I don’t wear much jewelry on a daily basis, but when I dress nicely (I’m a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl most of the time), or have to travel, I like to wear nice jewelry.  The problem with that, is that I have never found a travel jewelry pouch that will hold just a few small items instead of a big, bulky jewelry case.

As I’ve been getting deeper into sewing now that my machine is out where I can get to it constantly, I am growing more and more aware of the ability to “make it if you can’t buy it”.

Several months ago, I ran across this Travel Jewelry Pouch at Craftiness is Not Optional post which had the prettiest little gray linen and polka-dot pouch.  Jess included the link to the tutorial at Sew4Home – Travel Accessories: 8-Pocket Jewelry Pouch, and I quickly saved it to my Pinterest Board to try.


I had some extra fabric and time a few weeks ago, so I decided to give it a shot.  Unfortunately, I made this pouch before I got my new sewing machine, so the stitching is inconsistent and not super pretty; however, since I have three daughters and multitudes of nieces, I have not doubt that it will find a home somewhere.


I did not take these pictures at home, so I did not have any jewelry to show in the bag.  I used a flash drive, eraser, and a camera pen to demonstrate how it works.


The pouch empty.   You can see each of the eight triangles that would be good holding pockets for rings, sets of earrings, and individual necklaces if they’re not too bulky.  The circular bottom is perfect for holding bracelets and larger, bulkier necklaces.


The pouch opens completely flat (if you use long enough pull strings, which I didn’t.  It is also completely washable, which is another plus I was unable to find with commercially produced travel jewelry pouches.


I really like that the pouch closes to a nice compact package that protects my jewelry, but does not take up a ton of room in my suitcase.



It really was one of the easiest things I’ve made, and would be perfect for a beginning sewing project.



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