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Reagan is my Wild Child.  She has had a mind of her own since the day she was born, and she gives me a run for my money with her energy, intelligence, and attitude.  She also has a defined sense of style, and is particular about what she wears.  It never depends on the brand of clothing, just the style.

I am thrilled that she is still willing to let me sew for her, and that she is willing to wear the clothes I make!  She recently went to Boise with me when I had to go there for a doctor’s appointment, and we stopped by Joann Fabrics to look for some fabric for a project I was working on.

She found a dress pattern (Simplicity NewLook 6360) and fabric she fell in love with, so we grabbed them. too.  The fabric, from a distance, just looks like a random pattern on light blue fabric, but when you look more closely, the pattern is an intricate dance of some wild colors in a beautiful pattern – perfect for Reagan!  Based on Reagan’s measurements, she would have fit in a size 10, but I made the 12 just in case.  I think the 10 would have fit perfectly, but not for long.  The 12 definitely gives her some room to grow.


There were two parts to this dress pattern that I was worried about – the invisible zipper, and the godets.  I have NEVER been able to successfully sew an invisible zipper, and I had no freaking clue what a godet was!

The pattern called for four godets, which are basically an extra triangle of fabric added to the skirt to give it more fullness.  The instructions were very clear, easy to follow, and the godets add just the right amount of fullness.  I can imagine this dress made with a solid fabric with contrasting godet panels – I think that would be beautiful!  I used lime green to highlight where the godets are sewn into Reagan’s dress, I just wish the picture wasn’t quite so blurry!


As it turns out, for some reason, the instructions in this pattern for the invisible zipper were amazing, and I was able to complete my first successful one!  It looks amazing, and I even left plenty of room at the top for the hook & eye.


A dress with a full skirt is no fun unless you can spin in it, right?  No matter your age!

20150917_065054_017 20150917_065054_016 20150917_065054_013

Reagan likes this dress so much that she wants me to make a couple more for her, but, as you can probably tell in this picture, next time we take pictures it either needs to be warm, or inside the house. 😉  She wants me to try to alter it a little to include more of a scoop or v-neck and possibly a little thinner shoulders.


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