A Cloak for Tessa

2015-04-17 22.43.26

As I’ve talked about in other posts, Todd and I love to LARP, and my character’s name is Tessa.  When I went the first time, I had very little time to create my costume, and I pieced it together with goodwill finds, a little sewing, and items I already had.  There was only one problem – it worked great standing still, but the minute I started running around and moving, it started falling down.

Note to self – make something with shoulders that does not require a strapless bra.

The costume worked for the time being, and after its second use, at the end of camp, I took it off and threw it away (except for the coat).  I was determined to make a new costume before the first camp this summer, and I have finally started on it.  The first item I made was the cloak.  I wish I would have taken more pictures of the process, but I only have the completed pictures to show.  The cloak hits me about mid-calf, and it fits really well!

Front and Back
2015-04-17 22.40.38 2015-04-17 22.41.37

Neck Clasp
2015-04-17 22.41.01 2015-04-17 22.43.37

Clasp Detail
2015-04-17 15.42.54

2015-04-17 22.42.02

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