Every year we get a new ornament for our tree, and we each get the same one so one day when my girls are grown with trees of their own, they have a set of ornaments.


Some times the new ornament has been as simple as a pretty bauble I saw at a store. Some times they are thought out and represent a significant event from the year – like the princesses from our trip to Disneyland.

This year, Harley and I took two trips. One to Philadelphia and Washington DC in March and one to Indiana and Kentucky in October. Both trips, I purchased ornaments from a couple of the different stops we made, one of which was Purdue University.

This Purdue Nutcracker is my favorite new ornament this year because I have so many great memories from our trip,  and it ties me to a part of my dad’s personal history (he is a graduate of Purdue).



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