Critical Mass

The most recent assignment in my Design II class is called Critical Mass.  We were tasked with building a sculpture using no more than two types of items, and we had to use at least nine of each item, and no more than one million of each item (it’s possible if you were to use BBs or something of the sort).  I chose to create my sculpture(S) out of found golf balls and golf tees.

At first, I wasn’t sure what I was going to create with them, but then I had kind of a “well, duh” moment and decided to create macro versions of the things I was going to use to build my piece.  I ended up creating three pieces of varying sizes, and I really enjoyed this project a lot more than I originally thought I would.  For each of the balls, I used an actual ball as a form and removed the form when I got close to being done with each – the smallest ball I used a track-ball; the middle-sized one, I used a bowling ball; and for the large one, I used one of those huge rubber bouncy balls from Wal-Mart.  After making the balls, I created the “tees” by gluing golf balls together.  This project ended up being much more fun than I initially thought it would be, and I am pleasantly surprised.

At the request of my professor, I took the pieces to the golf course and took pictures of them “installed”.  Tomorrow is our in-class critique, after which, I can’t wait to get the sculptures back out to the course to install them permanently.

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