Harley the Artist

For Christmas, Harley and Reagan each made their gifts to the rest of our family.  Reagan made hand-blown glass ornaments, and Harley painted each of us a ceramic piece.  She made a vase for me, a jewelry dish for Emma, and a cute little blonde fairy for Reagan.  She didn’t have time before Christmas to finish her own fairy, so the two of us have had a date night each of the two past weeks so she could paint her own fairy.  When she first started, I wasn’t positive what the outcome would be, but last night she finished her project, and she did a fantastic job!  Billie at the ceramic shop (Holidaze in La Grande) taught her dry-brushing techniques and other highlighting techniques to help her fairy look more life-like, and she has been fantastic teaching Harley the whole porcelain ceramic process.

Harley on our first date-night.

Harley with her finished fairy.

I am so proud of this girl!

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  1. Cool! I worked with Billie at the railroad for many years. She is a very nice lady and helped me out a lot when I was new on the job! Your kids always look so happy! Good job! tj

  2. Thanks, Tim! I am just getting to know Billie, and she is wonderful! So are Doc & Marty. Harley loves going there and spending time with them!

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