One of my favorite “jobs” . . . love these kiddos!


These are my sisters’ kids, and they are all awesome!  The little girl in the hot pink coat in front is Tanna, and she is Tye’s daughter.  The rest are Erika’s kids – to the right of Tanna is Kendric, then Kayleigh, and then Lillian.  Right above Lillian is Tymek, then Benjamin, and finally, Konrad.  They’re all pretty great, and there is nothing I love more than walking in their house because instantly I have at least four little ones running at me yelling “Auntie Amy, Auntie Amy!”

Seriously – best feeling ever!



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  1. Kids are great! I think I showed you a picture of the grandkids.
    Great kids, and a great fish, isn’t life sweet! tj

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