1. Full name – Amy Jeanette Betts
2. Nickname – Velvet, Aim, Aimers, Bestie
3. Zodiac sign – Aquarius
4. Hobbies – Hunting, Camping, Photography
5. Hair – Brown
6. Eyes – Blue
7.  Braces – Not anymore (in high school)
8. Tall or short – Tall
9. Sweats or jeans – Jeans
10. Orange or apple – Apple
11. Do you have a crush on someone – I’m too old for crushes.
12. Eat or drink –
13. Piercings – Ears, naval, tongue
14. Pepsi or coke – Diet Coke

Have you ever…
15. Been skinny dipping?  Yes
16. Been in an airplane ?  Yes
17. Been in a relationship ?  Duh – again, I’m old.
18. Been in a car accident ? Yes
19. Been in a fist fight ? Yes

Firsts & Lasts
20. First piercing –  Ears, 12 years old
21. First best friend –  Marco Styringa
22. First award – Something for gymnastics
23. First crush – Jamie Eastland (like in 1st grade) LOL
24. First word – por-favor
25. Last person you talked to in person – Harley
26. Last person you texted – Dave
27. Last friend you watched a movie with – My girls – Eclipse last winter
28. Last food you ate – Apple
29. Last movie you watched – Bridesmaids
30. Last song you listened to – Taking Chances
31. Last thing you bought – MacBook Pro Laptop
32. Last person you hugged – My mom

33. Food?  Tacos
34. Drink?  Morning – Coffee, Lemonade
35. Flower?  Gerber Daisies or Stargazer Lillies
36. Animal?  Turtle
37. Color?  Red
38. Place?  Mountains
39. Movie?  Down Periscope
40. Subject?  History

Have you ever …
41. Fallen in love with someone?  Yes
42. Celebrated Halloween?  Yes
43. Went over the minutes/texts on your phone?  Yes
44. Wanted to smack someone upside the head?  Yes
45. Eaten a whole pizza?  No
46. Did something you regret?  Many many times
47. Broken a promise?  Unfortunately, yes
48. Hid a secret?  Yes
49. Pretend to be happy?  Yes

Your future…
50. Want kids?  No more than I already have.
51. Want to get married?  Never again
52. Career?  Graphic Design and Marketing

Which is better in the opposite gender?
53. Lips or eyes –  Eyes
54. Shorter or taller –  Taller
55. Romantic or spontaneous-  Spontaneous
56. Hook up or relationship- Not something I’m even considering either way.
57. Looks or personality- Personality

Have you ever…
58. Lost glasses/contacts?  Yes
59. Snuck out?  Yes
60. Held a gun/knife for self defense?  No
61. Broke someones heart?  Unfortunately, yes
62. Been in love?  Yes
63. Had your heart broken?   Yes

Do you believe in ;
64. Yourself;  Yes
65. Miracles;  Yes
66. Love at first sight;  No; lust at first sight, yes
67. Santa;  Absolutely
68. Forever & Always;  I used to

69. Is there one person you want to be with right now?  Other than my girls, not really.
70. How long did this survey take you?  15 minutes



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