I Unplugged and Lived Through It!

What happens when a self-proclaimed Internet/Cell Phone/Social Media junkie has to unplug for a week?



No compromise.

At first, they panic.  The wonder what they are going to do to fill their suddenly empty days.  Then they realize that maybe, just maybe one week won’t kill them – though they still have doubts.  When the week finally arrives, they step forward with trepidation, all the while wanting to go kicking and screaming.  And then, they’ve made it through a day or two . . . they’ve read 3-4 books – REAL paper-back books, not e-books . . . they’ve relaxed and rested . . . They’ve journaled and contemplated many thoughts . . . they’ve taken time for self-reflection, love, and healing . . . They’ve made it through the week!  There were no withdrawals, no bleak moments of utter despair, but there were moments of peace and happiness.  They discover just how good it felt to be unplugged and to focus on themselves.

That was my life for the past week.  Completely unplugged, removed from everything, and terrified about how I would survive the experience.  I never fully realized how dependent I was on technology.  What is really funny to me is that my life (away from work and school) doesn’t center around being connected – most of my interests and hobbies are not conducive to being plugged in – you can’t very well archery hunt or mountain bike while using a cell phone.

As I approached the week, I was terrified about what I would miss out on, how “out-of-the-loop” I would feel, and whether I would feel lost.  I was pleasantly surprised when the week was half over, and I realized exactly how many books I had read, how much journaling and self-reflection I had done, and just how NOT upset about being unplugged I was.  I am spending some time evaluating my use of technology and how much of my life I am willing to “waste” on it.

Being a full-time student and working doing marketing and promotions for the Theater Department makes it hard for me to completely give up the computer and cell phone, but I can limit my non-work/non-school use and spend more time doing the other hobbies/activities I love so much.

I don’t know how successful I will be, I am hoping that I am able to be as successful with this change as I have been with getting in shape and losing weight.  Making the commitment here publicly is huge motivation and will help me stick with my plan (I hope).

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  1. Okay I cannot unplug and that is a big problem, but then again why should we when we do have this luxury. Maybe since I grew up in the 1960’s and had not this fun internet that is why I love it so much. I do not indulge in other things like Ipads, phones, etc…but I do love to write and communicate and comments on blogs. Reading is my life…. Great post!!

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