Explain the Name of Your Blog

Post-A-Day 2011:  Explain the Name of Your Blog and Why You Chose It

Growing up, I did not have a lot of friends who were girls for a couple reasons; there was only one other girl my age in our neighborhood, and as I got older, I couldn’t stand all the drama, backstabbing, and bitchiness that seemed to go along with large groups of girls.  I was also a first-class tomboy, so the girls generally didn’t want to hang out with me, and I was always “just one of the guys”.  I also always preferred the more open, honest, and “tell it like it is” friendships I had with boys.  So as a result, I never spent a lot of time around girls (unless, of course, you count my sister, Erika).  My entire life has been that way.

Then I started having children of my own.  I have three.

All girls.

The name of my blog, Swimming in a Sea of Estrogen, seems pretty straight forward to me, but there is a bit of a history to the name.  When I started writing my blog in 2006, I had my three daughters, and I also had a step-daughter.  AT times, between the four of them there was way to much estrogen around our house.  Emotions ran high, there were multiple melt-downs, and lots of tears.  The tears, drama, and mood swings really weren’t all that bad or frequent, but they all seemed to happen at once.  When it did happen, I would refer to our household as a sea of estrogen, and the name just kind of stuck.

Now that I am a divorced, single-mom to my three girls, our household is still drowning in estrogen, so I kept the name.

It fits us and our family.

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