The Eagle Has Landed!

I took these pictures today at Buffalo Peak Golf Course in Union.  My mom, Harley, and I golfed 9 holes this afternoon.  The pictures are of the green on the Par-4 Hole #4; more specifically, they are pictures of my tee shot that made it clear to the green.  From the tee to the green is about 175 yards, and I have NEVER driven the ball that far before!  I was so excited about the drive, that I took pictures to show to my dad when I got home.  My ball was about 7 feet from the cup.

I have also never before made a divot in the green with a ball, so I took a picture of the crater my ball left in the green!

My experience on Hole #4 today got even more exciting when I sank my first putt for a score of “2” on the hole, which gave me an EAGLE!  I have never even been close to getting an Eagle before, and I was so very excited!  All golf etiquette and decorum left me completely while I squealed and danced around the green.  I’m not exactly sure, but I may have embarrassed Harley and Mom just a little bit.

When we got home from golf, I memorialized my eagle on the scorecard with a highlighter and red pen!

This is definitely a day I will remember for a very very long time!

Golf is essentially an exercise in masochism conducted out-of-doors.
~ Paul O’Neil



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