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I have a ton of stuff on my mind, and a lot of it I will eventually put “pen to paper” and get it out of my head.  There is some of it, though, that is not either suitable for posting, or it is private, and I am choosing to not post it.  Because of my writer’s block, today’s post is one of those e-mail quizzes we all get from time to time.  I’ve already answered a few of these, but it was a good distraction for the afternoon.


Name Amy
DOB February 4th
Birthplace Montana
Current location Oregon
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Brown/Blonde
Height 5’9”
Heritage Irish, English, Scots
Piercings Ears, Navel
Tattoos Three


Band/Singer Aerosmith, ACDC, or Motley Crue
Song(s) Get it Right
Genre of Music Rock
Color(s) Red, Black
TV show(s) Gray’s Anatomy
Movie(s) Down Periscope, Princess Bride, Happy Gilmore
Food Stroganoff
Store Maurices or B&H Photo
Number 3
Drink Diet Coke
Clothing Brand Maurices, Old Navy, Aeropostale
Shoe Brand Whatever feels good
Animal Turtle
Pizza topping Cheese & mushrooms
Season Summer
Month July
Holiday Christmas
Flower Stargazer Lilies or Gerbera Daisies

This or That

Sunny or rainy Sunny
Chocolate or Vanilla Chocolate Candy; Vanilla Ice Cream
Fruit or veggie Fruit
Night or day Day
Sour or sweet Sweet
Love or money Love
Phone or in person In Person
Poor & Happy or Rich & Miserable Poor & Happy
Looks or personality Personality
Coffee or tea Tea
Hot or cold Hot


Goal for this year Finish College
Most missed memory Lily White
Best physical feature Eyes
First thought waking up Do I have to?
Do you wanna get married Never Again
Do you wanna have kids Have all I want
If so, how many 3 Girls
Do you wanna go to college I’m in college
What do you want to be Graphic Designer

Do You

Dance in the rain Sometimes
Smoke Nope
Drink Occasionally
Shower daily Usually
Like thunderstorms Absolutely
Curse From time to time
Sing Only to myself or in the car when I’m alone
Play an instrument Saxophone and some Piano
Think you are good looking Passable
Get along with your parents Very well

Other Questions

Can you whistle Yes
Right or left handed Right
Something you hate Bigotry
Your bedtime 10:00-ish
Biggest fear Losing one of my kids
Three things you can’t possibly function correctly without Diet Coke, Chocolate, My Cell Phone
Color of your room Blue & Gray
Siblings One Biological, Two “Adopted”
Middle name Jeanette
Pets Lucy the Yorkie
Nicknames Aimers, Mita, Velvet
For or against gay marriage Ambivalent
Thoughts on abortion Are my thoughts and that’s how they’re going to stay.
If you could be anywhere right now where would you be Mexico
Do you wear contacts/glasses Both
Are you afraid of the dark Nope

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