Crash & Gouge?

Isn’t the phrase supposed to be “crash & burn”?  Not when you combine clumsy and distracted.

Emma and I were outside sitting in the swing by my parents’ pond this evening.  We were letting Lucy just run around and play.  I decided it was time to go inside, so I headed to the deck and called Lucy.  She didn’t come right away, so I turned to head back to the yard, and I ran smack-dab into the middle of a piece of my mom’s yard art.  Basically it’s a decorated/painted plate attached to a stake that they use as a hose barrier so the hose doesn’t get dragged through the plants.  I, of course, can’t possibly hit the flat side with the plate, I had to hit the stake side with a bolt/screw sticking out.

I was so distracted with trying to get Lucy, I didn’t even see the plate there.  I totally gouged my leg (shin) right open!




Unfortunately, I cannot remember when I last had a tetanus shot, so I’m sure that means I’ll have to get one this week.  🙁

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4 thoughts on “Crash & Gouge?

  1. Well, if it was within the last 10 years you’re good. Ouch ! ! ! Clean it up good and you should be okay! Save the pictures for your next First Aid recertification course!

  2. Eww! But I do love your toenail polish! The last time I went to the doctor he made me get a tetanus shot for no good reason. I thought that was really mean until I drove a 1/2 inch staple into my hand on Saturday…

  3. umm when you scliced your thumb peeling potatoes

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