A Surprise Gem

On our way home from the State Track Meet Saturday, Harley, Reagan, and I took scenic routes, detours, and we made several stops to enjoy the world we live in.  As we were driving along a back road, we came around a corner and were visually assaulted by acres and acres of vibrant color!


We stopped at this azalea farm and wandered around.  The girls had a great time exploring and discovering all the different colored blooms.  I enjoyed watching them explore, and I loved taking pictures of all the flowers.

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0 thoughts on “A Surprise Gem

  1. Amazing photo’s of flowers. You amaze me, where do you find the time to blog this much? You are so well organized. I love your blog and will continue to read it daily.

    1. Thank you, I’m glad you enjoy my blog. It’s nice to hear that someone does read it. 😉

      My daughters and I are experiencing some pretty tough stuff right now. I know we will be better off on the other end of these obstacles, but life is a struggle right now.

      One thing that really helps me is blogging. I set aside time each evening to write and read blogs. It’s very very therapeutic.

  2. Amy, I know what you mean about tough times right now. I have a teen she is 17- she doesn’t live with me as I have a battle ongoing with child support issues. So, In 2009 I lost where I lived, gave away most of my possessions and had to move to a hotel in another town. My daughter is now with a Aunt on my ex’s side, to stay in that school Dist. I raised her alone for 11 years. It was “tough love” that is for sure. I had no choice and I did lose my job too. Things did get much better as it is May 25 2011 and I should blog about all that soon. It has not been easy but I do manage. I admire your strength-I can read between the lines. Your fan, Jackie Paulson ♥ Blessings

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