0 thoughts on “Driven to Distraction

  1. I feel this way most of the time as well. Because I set my own schedule from beginning of day to end (with a baby doing his best to mess things up of course 🙂 ) I feel like I sometimes convince myself that I can spend a little bit of time on Facebook or forums or blog reading because I have hours and hours ahead of me. Then it’s 9:00 at night and I have hours of work ahead of me!

    My saving grace is a website called Remember The Milk, where I can create to-do lists. I have it open as a tab in my browser at all times, and I have items that repeat every day and remind me to do the daily things (like logging our finances in Mint and dusting once a week) and then others that I schedule as they come up throughout the week. Looking at this list constantly reminds me how much I need to get done each day, and I stop wasting time.

  2. Thank you! It’s so nice to know others struggle at times, too! I am going to try Remember the Milk and see how that works, thank you for the suggestion!

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