Drama Queen(s)

Harley and her friend, Krizia, have been volunteering as victims for an EMT class at the Irrigon Fire Department.  This past weekend, the students were learning how to treat shock victims.  Saturday Krizia was a bike accident victim going into shock.  On Sunday, Harley had her turn, playing a car accident victim.  Knowing how flamboyant and exuberant these two girls are, I am sure they did a fantastic job!

Harley & Krizia

It’s obvious with her face make up that she is a make-believe victim which is a darn good thing – that stomach bruise was VERY real looking.

Crazy Make-Up!

In this first picture, she looks horrible – it’s another instance of her looking the part a little too well.  If I didn’t know better I would be a little freaked out!  She’s enjoying the experience so much she told me she wants a backboard and spider straps for her birthday because “it’s fun to be strapped in”.

I guess I shouldn’t say they just volunteer because the girls do each earn $10 each time they act as victims.  I love that they are such good friends and are willing to experience so many different things.

While they were waiting, they didn’t have any problem entertaining themselves!

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