Oink! Giggle! Oink! Giggle!

My neice, Kayleigh, loves pigs.  She has for as long as I can remember.  When her mom, my sister, told her that my brother-in-law’s sow just had babies, she went nuts!  Kayleigh convinced her mom to call me to see if she could see them.  Kayleigh has her Auntie Amy wrapped around her little finger, so of course I said yes (after checking with Pat to make sure it was okay).

This morning, after I took Reagan to pick up her shots, we picked up Kayleigh.  Once we took Reagan to school, Kayleigh and I went to Pat & Tera’s to see Bella and her babies.  She had a great time, and giggled the whole time she was there.

I took a short little video of her petting the pigs – giggle, pet, giggle, pet . . .


We also took a minute to stop in the chicken house/coop where she found an egg!

Auntie Amy had a great morning with her little brown-eyed girl!  Love you, Kayleigh!

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