Hot Mess Stage I

Remember THIS post, where I talked about the sad state of my office, and the plans I had for it?

Today, I completed the first stage of re-doing/organizing it, and it took FOREVER!

I gutted it and put everything in our dining room to be sorted further.  My parents are coming over tomorrow to help me rearrange and organize it so it is more efficient and usable.

I can’t wait!

Stage I

The Dining Room/Storage Area

I am ready to have this done!

0 thoughts on “Hot Mess Stage I

  1. Can I borrow them when you’re done (your parents, I mean). Moving from 2100 square feet to 700 hasn’t gone quite as smoothly as you might have hoped.

    1. Oh, I bet that was a tough move! I’m always willing to share – you just have to convince them to make the trip. 😉

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