Her Feet Have Wings

My girl.

Emma Kate.

Her dad & step-mom, Jess & Staci, and Aaron & I are always so proud of her.  She is a beautiful person – inside and out, she is a great friend, and most importantly, she is a wonderful big sister to four younger sisters and one younger brother.  She is awesome.  She is also quite an athlete, and she constantly surprises us with her achievements.

Nothing compares to the feeling you get as a parent when your child excells.  Especially when they excell beyond what you ever expected.

Yesterday, Emma had her first track meet of the year, and to say she did well is a complete understatement.  She participates in the long jump, 100 meter sprint, 200 meter sprint, and the 4×100 meter relay.  So, the first time out this year, Emma beat her own personal record in each of the events, which alone is awesome.  In the long jump, she jumped 15′ 1.5″, which was a PR by almost a foot.  She placed first.  The relay team placed second, and she placed third overall in the 200 meter sprint.

The biggest news of the day was the 100 meter sprint.  She placed first overall and beat her own personal record.  However, that is not the biggest news of the day.  As of this weekends’ results, Emma is now ranked number one in Oregon at the 2A level for the girls’ 100 meter sprint!!!

The run of the day:

Here’s my girl breaking the tape and breaking her own record!

The ranking system in Oregon is fluid – it changes from meet to meet and as different results are entered, rankings change.  For now, though, that is MY GIRL’S name at the top of the list and I could not be more proud!  I think all of her parents are kind of in awe – it is just so far beyond what we ever expected.  What I find really cool is that out of all the current #1 athletes at the 2A Level in Oregon, four of them are from Heppner:  Emma, Conner Pappas, Carrie Haguewood, and Alex Pickles.  Pretty stinkin’ awesome!

She’s always been number one to me, but now she is number one and she is the girl to beat!

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