Harley Hoops

Katelyn decided she didn’t want to play basketball this year, so Harley is the only one who played.  She ended up having a pretty short-lived season for numerous reasons, and by the time all was said and done we were just really happy it was over – including Harley.  She does enjoy basketball, but the season was pretty disjointed and she likes to have order in her life, so it was frustrating for her.

This year, Harley had the same coach Emma had in 6th Grade – Forrest.  His daughter, Taylor, is one of Harley’s best friends.  She had a fantastic team of girls who were all there just because they wanted to play – of course they wanted to win, but to them, just getting to play was the most important thing.  It was a great season, and we really enjoyed watching her grow as a player.


She swears to me she’s doing cheerleading next year once she’s in Junior High, and I haven’t quite accepted that yet.  I’m hoping she’ll change her mind and keep playing basketball.  Whatever she decides to do, I know she will do it with 110% effort, grace, and a great attitude!

Great job this year, Raisin!

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