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Post-A-Day 2011:  Go to your drafts folder and finish an old post

We’re almost done with month 3 here at daily post. I’m sure you have a post, or six, that you started but never quite finished. Today, go back and grab a half-written post and just get it done.

If you can’t finish it, write a post about why you can’t finish any of your old posts today.

When the whole issue came to light about the BYU basketball player who was removed from the team for admitting to having pre-marital sex, I had planned to write a big long post about it and my views.  I just never got around to researching it to finish writing it.  Before I wrote it, I wanted to make sure I had all the facts so I didn’t overstep my bounds.

My on-line friend, That Wife Jenna, expressed herself, and I completely agree with her opinion (Well, except for the not being a sports person – I totally am!):

A small clarification, from everything I’ve read he wasn’t expelled, just suspended from the basketball team. Maybe things changed though and I didn’t know about it?

I am SO proud of BYU for doing this. I love that my alma mater put principles before winning some games. That’s exactly what I think they are trying to teach us as young adults/students/members of the Church and it’s inspiring to see it in action.

I feel for him. What he’s done is probably bringing a lot of hurt and embarrassment to himself and his family (if they are active Church members) and I can’t imagine going through something like that in such a public way. I hope he will stay active in the Church, repent, and come back even better next year.

As for whether BYU wins any games. I don’t care, I’m not a sports person 🙂

Even at the high school level across the country, we see athletes getting away with stuff that no “regular” person would.  It has always irritated the crap out of me, and I am so happy to finally see a school take a stand and enforce their rules.  What really makes this great to me, is that the BYU basketball team was ranked third, and BYU chose to take the higher road, no matter the cost.

So, I did not originally complete this post, and I feel like it’s way late and beyond good timing, but given the prompt, I decided to go a head and finish it.

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