A Glimpse

Into the secret life of our girls.  Not that their lives are secret from us, but there are some things we just don’t normally see because they’re with their friends.  The girls have my old Canon Rebel digital camera, and I love looking through it from time to time just to see the pictures they have taken.  I feel like it’s a litlte glimpse into their “outlook” on the world – the way the world looks to them.

This gem is by far my absolute favorite of all the pictures I have ever found on their camera.  I love that they used their hands and their friends’ hands to make the star.  Reagan took this picture, and the hands belong to Harley, Katelyn, Kayla, and Brenna.

 I think Harley took this one of Brenna & Katelyn.

No idea what she is doing or who took it, but I do think dress up clothes were involved.  🙂

I’m not sure if Harley was modeling for Katelyn or Reagan, and they’re not technically perfect, but I love them!

Harley took this last one. 

I’m not sure why Reagan was taking pictures without her glasses on, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE this one.  I love how serious she looks, but she still has that little “I’m up to something” look behind her eyes – like she has a secret she’s not going to tell you until AFTER the mischief is all overwith.

I love these little glimpses into their world, and I love learning about how they see each other.

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