IHS Mini-Cheer Camp

The IHS Cheerleading Squad has grown exponentially over the past five years.  It has grown from approximately 4 cheerleaders to 14, and it has grown from a very small program to a large competition-worthy squad.  To put it plainly, they are awesome!  Every year, they hold three separate mini-cheer camps for local youth.  One is during the annual Irrigon Watermelon Festival, one during Football season, and the last during Basketball season.

Last Friday night during IHS’s last home-games of the season against Heppner, all the kids who participated in the camp that week got to perform a dance and stunt during halftime of the Boys Varsity game.  Harley and Reagan participated, and they had a blast!







And the girls doing their stunts:

 Harley and her friend Krizia are the bases for Josie

Bailey, Brianna, and Trinity are the bases for Karsysn

Reagan and Emma are the bases

Maritriny Mejia, an IHS Junior, and Lexi

Harley loves cheerleading so much that next year in Junior High, she wants to do it instead of volleyball and basketball.  This non-cheerleading mother is having a hard time with that, but it’s what she loves to do, so I’m sure she’ll do it!

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