Mustang Hoops!

This is the time of year where we spend a lot of time in one gym or another watching basketball.  Emma has been playing games since the beginning of December, and Harley’s season just started – she has her first game next week.  All in all, I bet we spend half of our lives during the winter months in a gym!  I love watching them play, so it’s not a hardship, that’s for sure.

Emma’s team played in Stanfield last Friday, and at home against Irrigon Saturday.  I did the books for the game in Stanfield, so I didn’t have an opportunity to take pictures, but I more than made up for it Saturday!  It was great being able to watch the kids from Irrigon, too.  It was an awesome night of basketball, too, as the Irrigon boys nearly won – only losing by two points in overtime to the Heppner boys.  It was fantastic!


At one point during the games, I was standing with a lady (Sandy Matthews) from Heppner who was taking picture, as well.  We both looked at the student section and saw this:

This is Jordan, Emma’s boyfriend, and Reagan.  She just absolutely adores him!  Anytime we’re at games and he’s there, she is sitting with him.  He is patient, tolerant, and so very wonderful to her.  What makes me laugh, though, is that Reagan would much rather be reading a book than paying attention to the basketball game happening right in front of her.  🙂

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