Imaginative or Evil?

I am doing laundry today.  While I was getting all the dirty laundry gathered up and sorted, I checked each of the girls’ rooms to make sure I had it all, which is what I do every time I do laundry.  I do it every time, and I always find dirty clothes.  Today in Emma & Reagan’s room, I found something a little different.

Hanging above Emma’s bed:

This sight is the picture that greeted me when I opened the door and turned on the light.  I felt a little crazy because I laughed.  I mean it!  I. SERIOUSLY. LAUGHED!  Out loud, all by myself at home, anad it startled the dogs so much it sent them into a barking fit.  I’m not sure if Reagan was intending to hang her monkey as a punishment or pretend like it was swinging from a tree.  Who knows, maybe she was trying to cast some evil spell on Emma?  Either way, I can’t help but laugh.

I enjoyed a great laugh today all because of Reagan’s quirky little mind . . . Thank you, Baby Girl!

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