Dog Ornaments

I was wandering through a store yesterday, and I ran across these ornaments.  Until then I had never thought about our doggies being represented on our tree.  The ornaments are ugly-cute, just like our doggies ( 🙂 ), and they’re just perfect!  They each have their name on one, just like the family ornaments we get each year.


Every year each of us gets a new ornament to hang on the tree.  Some years we get ornaments from trips – we each have one from Disneyland from the year we went, some are from special events in our lives – like the old-fashioned glass hammers we got the year we built our house, and some years, they’re just a unique ornament I find in a store some where.  Some times we each get a different ornament, and some times we get the same one.  Most of our ornaments are nature-inspired, and this year we all got the same one – a bronze and gold butterfly.

I love it, I love that each year the girls get a new ornament that will eventually become a collection for their first trees away from home, and I love that we have established this tradition.

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  1. Very nice ornaments. It looks like you have a classy tree. Ours is very arts and crafts. You remind me, I really need to make a picture ornament for our dog. We do have an old hallmark photo ornament with a picture of Pebbles our old dog who is no longer with us, but not one for our Peanut.
    I like your idea of starting a collection for the children. That is very thoughtful.
    Merry Christmas.

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