Pantry Conquered!

Emptied it, scrubbed it, put it all back, and organized it!  Phew!









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4 thoughts on “Pantry Conquered!

  1. Will you come organize mine? One thing you need to remember is I am only an inch or two taller than your mother, so the shelves need to close to the ground. Haha

  2. LOVE it … makes me want to go home and organize mine now 😉

  3. Ha! Yes, Misty, I use them a lot, and hit a huge sale! I have plain, with green chilis, and Italian Style! 🙂 Did you notice the powdered sugar, by any chance? I kept buying it because I kept forgetting I had some. I now have enough to last through probably 5 birthday cakes at least! lol

    Lindsay – my office is next on the list and it is frightening! I did the pantry first to work up to it.

    Charlene, since you and Mom are both vertically challenged, you *might* be able to reach the stuff on the front of my baking shelf, but definitely nothing higher than that. That’s why you both have tall husbands, though, right?

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